Shipping to Australia

If you have RO RO cargo i.e. vehicles, caravans or any mobile cargo for shipping to Australia, please see below the latest sailing schedule for departures from Port Southampton. This service is RO RO only for mobile/towable cargo. Heavy plant and machinery can also be shipped on the RO RO service. We can also arrange for your vehicles, plant and machinery to be transported to Port if required.

If you are not shipping RO RO then we have weekly services for LCL and FCL cargo for shipping to Australia. Commercial goods, personal effects and household goods and even vehicles can be shipped on the LCL and FCL services. We can collect from anywhere in the UK or if you prefer you can deliver to one of over 20 depots we have for receiving cargo in the UK.

Please note when delivering vehicles into Port for shipping to Australia, the vehicle should be clean on the outside, have less than a quarter of fuel in the tank and be free of any effects. Carriers will not take responsibility for any lost items and they would not be listed on the Bill of Lading.

Regarding Import procedures a very useful site is www.customs. which goes into detail regarding the documentation requirements for importing a vehicle into Australia.


Please call on 0800 999 2100 or email [email protected] for rates and advise. We look forward to hearing from you.


Morning Courier

ETS Southampton 22/04

ETA Fremantle 22/05

ETA Melbourne 26/05

ETA Port Kembla 28/05

ETA Brisbane 30/05

Hoegh Tracer

ETS Southampton 06/05

ETA Fremantle 14/06

ETA Melbourne 19/06

ETA Port Kembla 21/06

ETA Brisbane 23/06

Hoegh Target

ETS Southampton 19/05

ETA Fremantle 23/06

ETA Melbourne 27/06

ETA Port Kembla 29/06

ETA Brisbane 01/07

Hoegh Trigger

ETS Southampton 05/06

ETA Melbourne 17/07

ETA Port Kembla 19/07

ETA Brisbane 21/07

Hoegh Asia

ETS Southampton 14/06

ETA Fremantle 20/07

ETA Melbourne 25/07

ETA Port Kembla 28/07

ETA Brisbane 30/07

Hoegh Amsterdam

ETS Southampton 24/06

ETA Fremantle 28/07

ETA Melbourne 02/08

ETA Port Kembla 04/08

ETA Brisbane 06/08

For quotations, enquiries and bookings please contact us at [email protected] or call 0800 999 2100