Amended Schedule dates/details for sailings from Port Sheerness and Port Immingham to Abidjan, Tema, Pointe Noire, Durban, Dar Es Salaam, Maputo and Mombasa

    Please note the Asian Trust will not be calling Sheerness, this vessel will call into Immingham only.

The public weighbridge at Immingham port has altered its opening hours and will now close at 18:00hrs daily.

Due to this we will only be able to accept deliveries between 07:00 – 18:00hrs, Monday – Friday.

Glovis Century

Sailing ex Sheerness 05.10.2014

Receiving to 02.10.2014

Abidjan eta 18.10.2014

Tema eta 21.10.2014

Pointe Noire eta 24.10.2014

Durban eta 02.11.2014

Morning Concert

Sailing ex Sheerness 10.10.2014 Receiving now to midday 08.10.2014

Sailing ex Immingham 07.10.2014 Receiving now to midday 03.10.2014

Dar Es Salaam ETA 07.11.2014

Mombasa ETA 09.11.2014

Asian Trust

Sailing ex Immingham 15.10.2014

Receiving TBA

Dar Es Salaam eta 09.11.2014

Mombasa eta 11.11.2014

Glovis Courage

Sailing ex Sheerness 03.11.2014

Receiving 07.10.2014 to 30.10.2014

Abidjan eta 14.11.2014

Tema eta 17.11.2014

Pointe Noire eta 22.11.2014

Durban eta 01.12.2014

Cosmos Ace

Sailing ex Sheerness 03.11.2014

Receiving 15.10.2014 to midday 30.10.2014

Maputo eta 21.11.2014

Dar Es Salaam eta 25.11.2014

Mombasa eta 27.11.2014

TBN (dates TBC)

Sailing ex Sheerness 09.11.2014 Receiving TBA

Dar Es Salaam eta 07.12.2014

Mombasa eta 09.12.2014

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