Caravan Shipping to New Zealand

We can offer weekly services to Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Napier, Lyttleton, Port Chalmers and Nelson. We offer you the best deal you will find.

Included in the shipping of your caravan from UK to New Zealand are the following services:

Sea Freight from UK to NZ

Preparing and packing the caravan into sea freight container

MPI Bio security clean and clearance (completed in the UK and certified as so)

Customs Entry UK

Customs Entry NZ

Devanned ( removed from Container ) in NZ ready for collection from the Port

As the MPI Bio security clean and clearance is completed in the UK and certified as so, clearance in New Zealand is a quick and simple process. Our Agent will advise you of any duties/taxes payable and will liaise with you throughout. Our job is finished only when you have collected your Caravan from the Port.

Personal effects that relate to the caravan such as awnings etc are allowed to be shipped with the Caravan. Any other personal effects such as clothing are not. We can arrange to ship these as groupage and we offer the cheapest rates to all destinations in NZ. Personal effects loaded in containers with the caravans delay the clearance process and issues can be raised re goods being imported. It is far better to ship personal effects separately to the Caravan. When you add the cost of personal effects shipment to the cost of shipping the caravan our rate will still be cheaper than rates being offered by so called specialist companies. Don’t take our word for it. Contact a few companies and compare for yourselves.

We look forward to hearing from you and will answer any queries you may have.