Please see below latest schedules for shipping RORO to Mombasa. Please contact us for latest rates and availability.

We also ship personal effects, household good and commercial goods to Mombasa. Please contact us for rates and sailings.

Please also note that there will be a general rate increase for Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam from the Asian Vision in May.

The Morning Champion & Neptune Ace will be the last vessels charged at the current rates.



Sailing ex Immingham 20.04.2015

Receiving from 13.04.2015 to 1200 17.04.2015

Dar Es Salaam eta 18.05.2015

Mombasa eta 20.05.2015


Neptune Ace

Sailing ex Killingholme 02.05.2015

Sailing ex Sheerness 03.05.2015

Receiving Killingholme From 20.04.2015 to 1700 30.04.2015

Receiving Sheerness From 07.04.2015 to 30.04.2015

Maputo eta 27.05.2015

Dar Es Salaam eta 01.06.2015

Mombasa eta 03.06.2015


Asian Vision

Sailing ex Immingham 01.05.2015

Receiving TBA

Dar Es Salaam eta 28.05.2015

Mombasa eta 30.05.2015


Grand Orion

Sailing ex Killingholme 24.05.2015

Sailing ex Sheerness 25.05.2015

Receiving TBA

Dar Es Salaam eta 18.06.2015

Mombasa eta 20.06.2015