Shipping RO RO

If you are considering shipping your car, truck or mobile plant and machinery to Ports Dar Es Salaam, Mombasa, Durban, Maputo or Tema on the RO RO service, please see latest schedules below. The schedules are for sailings from Immingham, Killingholme and Sheerness. The RO RO service is for vehicles, boats, plant and machinery that are self propelled or towable on trailers, flat racks etc.

Shipping RO RO – The vehicles are driven on and off the vessels so the ignition key remains in the car. As the car cannot be locked or secured the Lines advise that anything such as CD players or radios be removed from the vehicle before shipping. They will not accept any responsibility for loss of goods. The fuel remaining in the vehicle should be less than a quarter in the tank.

Once you have booked your vehicle we issue you with a standard shipping note. This needs to accompany the vehicle to the Port and should be submitted to the receiving point so the booking can be identified. When the vessel sails we issue the Bill of Lading. Depending on your requirements we can issue Original Bills or send a telex release to the Agent at destination. We will advise you of the estimated time of arrival and agents details will be on the Bill of Lading.

Shipping RO RO is generally the most cost effective means of shipping a car. RO RO shipping is available to worldwide destinations including Africa, USA, Australia, South America and South Pacific and many more destinations.

Please call 0800 999 2100 for quotes and availability or email [email protected]



Morning Capo (Replaces Morning Crown)

Sailing ex Immingham 29.02.2016

Receiving 18.02.2016 to 1700 25.02.2016

Dar Es Salaam eta 27.03.2016   Mombasa eta 29.03.2016

Grand Cosmo

Sailing ex Killingholme 01.03.2016

Sailing ex Sheerness 28.02.2016

Receiving Killingholme 18.02.2016 to 1700 26.02.2016

Receiving Sheerness 04.02.2016 to 1700 25.02.2016

Mombasa eta 30.03.2016   Dar Es Salaam eta 31.03.2016

Maputo eta 04.04.2016      Durban eta 05.04.2016


Glovis Cardinal

Sailing ex Sheerness 01.03.2016

Receiving Sheerness now to 1700 26.02.2016

Tema eta 15.03.2016

Durban eta 28.03.2016



Sailing ex Immingham 14.03.2016

Receiving TBA

Dar Es Salaam eta 17.04.2016

Mombasa eta 19.04.2016


Garnet Ace (replaces Grand Orion)

Sailing ex Killingholme 21.03.2016

Sailing ex Sheerness 18.03.2016

Receiving Killingholme TBA

Receiving Sheerness 29.02.2016 to 1700 16.03.2016

Durban eta 10.04.2016

Maputo eta 12.04.2016

Dar Es Salaam eta 16.04.2016

Mombasa eta 18.04.2016


Morning Camilla or Sub

Sailing ex Immingham 30.03.2016

Receiving TBA

Dar Es Salaam eta 22.04.2016

Mombasa eta 24.04.2016