Shipping RO RO To USA East Coast or South America

If you are shipping your cars, vehicles to East Coast USA and South America please find below latest US & South American Sailing Schedule for November 2015. We also have other RO RO services to USA including Port New York.

Please call 0800 999 2100 for quotes and avaialbility.

Shipping RO RO To USA East Coast or South America is only available for drivable vehicles. If you have a vehicle which is not drivable we can offer container services as opposed to our Shipping RO RO to USA service. Call for information on 0800 999 2100 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Vessel Prime Ace

ETS Bremerhaven 19/11

ETS Zeebrugge 17/11

**No direct UK call, feeder ex Sheerness to Bremerhaven or Zeebrugge**


ETA Baltimore 02/12

ETA Brunswick 05/12

ETA Jacksonville 06/12


ETA Balbao 11/12

ETA Manta 13/12

ETA Callao 16/12

ETA Iquique 18/12

ETA San Antonio 21/12


For any other shipping needs or container shipments whether part or full to USA East Coast or South America, commercial or domestic then please contact us today on 0800 999 2100 or email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to provide help and advice as well as a competitively priced shipping quote.