Shipping RORO

Please call Transatlantic Shipping Ltd 0800 999 2100 or email [email protected] for enquiries, bookings and quote requests for shipping roro on the vessels below to Ports Walvis Bay, Durban, Maputo and Tema.

Please find our latest vessel details for shipping RORO from Ports Sheerness and Killingholme to Port Walvis Bay, Port Tema, Port Durban and Port Maputo.

Shipping RORO -The RO RO service accepts mobile cargo such as vehicles, plant and machinery and boats on trailers.

Shipping RORO is a cost effective way of shipping vehicles from the UK. We receive vehicles at Port Sheerness and Port Killingholme for RORO service to Walvis Bay, Tema, Durban and Maputo. We also have RORO services from Port Tilbury and Port Southampton to many worldwide destinations. Contact us for RORO destinations. New Ports are being added to the RORO services.shipping-cars-vehicles

Garnet Ace 

Receiving dates: 29.02.2016 to Monday 21.03.2016 1700hrs latest

E.T.S. Sheerness: 23.03.2016

E.T.A. Durban: 14.04.2016

E.T.A. Maputo: 16.04.2016

Receiving dates:  07.03.2016 to Wednesday 23.03.2016 1700hrs latest

E.T.S. Killingholme: 25.03.2016

E.T.A. Durban: 14.04.2016 – BAF as detailed further above

E.T.A. Maputo: 16.04.2016 – BAF as detailed  further above

Glovis Condor 

Receiving dates: 07.03.2016  to Thursday 31.03.2016 1700hrs latest

E.T.S. Sheerness:  04.04.2016

E.T.S. Tema: 17.04.2016

E.T.A. Walvis Bay:  22.04.2016

E.T.A. Durban: 26.04.2016

All the above dates / vessels are subject to change without prior notice.

So if you are considering shipping RORO  please do not hesitate to contact us.