Shipping RORO
Cars and Vehicles to Walvis Bay, Maputo, Tema and Port Durban
If you are shipping RORO cars and vehicles to Walvis Bay, Maputo, Tema and Port Durban call 0800 999 2100 today for rates and availability.
We ship cars and vehicles all over the world and we are currently offering very competitive rates on shipping RORO to Africa, USA, Australia and South America.
Please see our latest schedule for shipping RORO to Maputo, Tema, Durban and Walvis Bay.
We arrange all Customs Export Documentation for you and also arrange Collection within the UK if required.
The vessels used are purpose built Car Carrying Vessels RORO ships. Have no concerns about shipping RORO as your Vehicle will be protected from the elements while on board and shipped by reputable carriers.
Vehicles are driven on the ship in the UK and stay on board ship until being driven off at Port of destination.
Shipping RO RO cars and vehicles  is straight forward and we are here to ensure all paperwork is completed correctly and is a hassle free experience for you the shipper.
Please call us on 0800 999 2100 or email us for rates and advise regarding shipping cars and vehicles on our worldwide RO RO services.

Vessel: Paglia

Receiving dates: From now until 19.11.2015 1700hrs latest

E.T.S. Sheerness: 23.11.2015

E.T.A. Tema :  08.12.2015

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 13.12.2015

E.T.A. Durban : 18.12.2015

Vessel: Morning Conductor 

Receiving dates:  From 0800hrs 19.11.2015 to 1200hrs Midday 27.11.2015, very latest

E.T.S. Immingham:  01.12.2015

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 17.12.2015

Please be advised that ANY loaded units loading in Immingham for Walvis Bay will require to first go via the weighbridge Prior to being received.

Vessel: Supreme Ace

Receiving dates: TBC

E.T.S Killingholme 02.12.2015

E.T.A Durban 23.12.2015

E.T.A Maputo 25.12.2015

Receiving dates: From 18.11.2015 to 01.12.2015 1700hrs latest

E.T.S Sheerness:  03.12.2015

E.T.A. Walvis Bay 17.12.2015

E.T.A. Durban 23.12.2015

E.T.A. Maputo  25.12.2015