Shipping Testimonial From Katy McCormick

My husband and I used Transatlantic Shipping for our recent move from Preston, Lancashire to Seattle, WA USA. We contacted a number of shipping companies and Transatlantic Shipping Ltd won our business with their combination of great value and excellent customer Service. Glyn Windsor, owner of Transatlantic Shipping Ltd was so helpful answering our many questions no matter how often we phoned. (Which was numerous times, as this being our first time ever using a shipping service). She explained all aspects of the costs, she gave us lots of advice on how to pack, told us what would happen once the goods arrived, told us what the different options were for clearing customs – she even talked to us about how to contact the airlines about taking our dog with us.

Everything came through just fine except for a couple of pieces of glassware that wasn’t in a hard sided box, (Which was pretty much our fault as Glyn had explained how to pack everything.) so I would definitely recommend Transatlantic Shipping Ltd (Hence this shipping testimonial) for anyone who wants a company that communicates really well and delivers great value for money. And be sure to pack the way Glyn tells you to!

Shipping Testimonial Courtesy of

Katy McCormick

Seattle, WA