We have weekly direct sailings to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Jo’burg for household and personal effects and commercial shipments, to be shipped FCL or LCL.

We also have a RO RO service to Port Elizabeth and to Port Durban. The RO RO service is suitable for all drivable/mobile vehicles and machinery.

Email us now on [email protected] or call on 01773 770050 for competitive rates and latest vessel details.






Vessel Details for December 2014

Peruvian Reefer    ETS London Gateway 13/12 ETA Cape Town 05/01  ETA Port Elizabeth 07/01  ETA Durban 09/01  ETA Johannesburg 12/01

Jorgen Lauritzen  ETS London Gateway 18/12 ETA Cape Town 12/01  ETA Port Elizabeth 14/01   ETA Durban 16/01   ETA Johannesburg 19/01

Tundra Queen       ETS London Gateway 27/12 ETA Cape Town 19/01  ETA Port Elizabeth 21/01   ETA Durban 23/01   ETA Johannesburg 26/01