Please note the next sailings to South Africa are as follows – they are generally weekly every Saturday, however two of the December sailings are slightly out of kilter


Bolland”, ETD London Gateway 13.12.14, ETA Cape Town 05.01.15, ETA Port Elizabeth 07.01.15, ETA Durban 09.01.15

“Elgin”, ETD London Gateway 18.12.14, ETA Cape Town 12.01.15,  ETA Port Elizabeth 14.01.15, ETA Durban 16.01.15

“Highveld”, ETD London Gateway 27.12.14, ETA Cape Town 19.01.14, ETA Port Elizabeth 21.01.15, ETA Durban 23.01.15

“Maersk Ceres”, ETD London Gateway 29.12.14, ETA Cape Town 26.01.15, ETA Port Elizabeth 28.01.15, ETA Durban 30.01.15

“MOL Presence”, ETD London Gateway 10.01.15, ETA Cape Town 02.02.15, ETA Port Elizabeth 04.02.15, ETA Durban 06.02.15


Please do contact us on 01773 770050 or email info@transatlantic-shipping for rates, availability and advice.