Please find below latest South American RO RO vessel details for mobile cargo, vehicles and plant and machinery for December 2014.

Vessel Brillant Ace

ETS Vigo 25/11

ETS Barcelona 27/11

ETS Zeebrugge 12/12

ETA Balbao 01/01

ETA Manta 03/01

ETA Callao 06/01

ETA Iquique 08/01

ETA San Antonio 12/01

Though there is no direct call on the above sailing ex Newcastle, we are able to match same rate offered for a direct call if cargo is booked towards the following feeder vessel (based on cargo suitability, subject to equipment, space & availability);

Vessel City of St Petersburg

ETS. Newcastle 23-11-2014

ETA. Zeebrugge 25-11-2014

Should cargo not be ready in time to meet with the above feeder vessel, we can offer as an alternative daily sailings ex Hull at slightly higher rate, latest shipment date to connect with Sanderling Ace will be 05/12.
For rates and further information please call 01773 770050 or email [email protected].