Please find below updated schedule for sailings to Walvis Bay, Durban and Maputo as follows:

Vessel: Morning Champion

E.T.S. Immingham: 02.12.2014

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 17.12.2014

Vessel: Pacific Highway – UK Call Cancelled

Regret to advise the Pacific highway has been cancelled due to the need to meet contractual commitments.

All bookings have been moved to the Carnation Ace and booking references will remain the same.

Vessel: Glovis Corona

Receiving: now – 04.12.2014

E.T.S. Sheerness: 06.12.2014

E.T.A. Dakar: 18.12.2014

E.T.A. Abidjan: 22.12.2014

E.T.A. Tema: 24.12.2014

E.T.A. Lagos: 26..12.2014

E.T.A. Pointe Noire: 29.12.2014

E.T.A. Durban: 07.01.2015

Vessel: Tomar

Receiving dates: 08.12.2014 – 15.12.2014 5pm

E.T.S. Immingham: 17.12.2014

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 04.01.2015

Vessel: Carnation Ace

Receiving dates: Now – 15.12.2014

E.T.S. Sheerness: 18.12.2014

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 05.01.2014

E.T.A. Durban: 11.01.2015

E.T.A. Maputo: 13.01.2015

Vessel: Cancelled

E.T.S. Immingham: 29.12.2014

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 16.01.2015

Vessel: Glovis Splendor

Receiving dates: T.B.C

E.T.S. Sheerness: 01.01.2015

E.T.A. Durban: 03.02.2015