Please find below latest schedule for Walvis Bay. Please call us on 01773 770050 or Viber 07966 376297 or email on [email protected] with your rate requests, availability and any general enquiries.

Vessel: Frisia –

Receiving dates: NOW – 29.01.2015

E.T.S. Sheerness: 02.02.2015

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 17.02.2015

Vessel: Torino – Closed for new bookings over 2m high

Receiving dates: 23.01.2015 – 29.01.2015 5pm

E.T.S. Immingham: 02.02.2015

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 19.02.2015

Vessel: CSCC Europe

Receiving dates: TBC

E.T.S. Immingham: 23.02.2015

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 09.03.2015

Vessel: Wisdom Ace

Receiving dates: TBC

E.T.S. Sheerness: 01.03.2015

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 14.03.2015