Shipping Vehicles RORO to Walvis Bay, Tema or Durban – then please contact us for rates, enquiries and bookings.

Please find our updated sailing schedule below. We ship cars, boats, plant and machinery on the RORO service. We also have regular sailings from Port Tilbury and Port Southampton.

Only self propelled vehicles or towable items can be shipped on the RORO service. Non runners can be shipped in a container. Contact us for details on 0800 999 2100 or email [email protected].

Glovis Champion

Receiving dates: Now until Friday 20.05.2016 10am very latest
E.T.S Sheerness: 23.05.2016
E.T.A. Tema: 12.06.2016
E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 18.06.2016
E.T.A Durban: 22.06.2016


Voyage: TBC
Receiving dates: TBC
E.T.S Sheerness: 23.06.2016
E.T.A. Tema: 12.07.2016
E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 18.07.2016
E.T.A Durban: 22.07.2016