Shipping Vehicles Worldwide Using RO RO service – Latest schedules for Lagos, Maputo, Tema, Walvis Bay, Port Elizabeth and Durban

If you want to ship your car overseas you have the choice of shipping in a container or by RO RO.

RO RO is the preferred choice of car manufacturers worldwide as it is a safe, cost effective means of transporting vehicles.

Roll on Roll off car shipping vessels are designed specifically for the shipping of wheeled cargo. They are not only able to ship vehicles that are capable of moving under their own power but also non motorised cargo such as boats, plant and machinery and tracked vehicles. All vehicles are very well protected from the elements as they are fully enclosed  and the vehicles are secured to the ships integral securing fixtures.

RO RO services operate from several Ports in the UK including Immingham, Killingholme, Bristol, Tilbury, Sheerness, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Southampton. Each of these Ports services different destinations but sometimes you do have several choices regarding Port of departure. For example we have RO RO services to Port Lagos from Tilbury, Sheerness and Immingham. If your vehicle is located in the North then it makes sense to consider shipping from Immingham.

Cars are delivered to the Port of departure, driven on to the ship and then driven off at Port of destination. You can deliver the vehicle yourself or we can arrange delivery for you.

If you are shipping plant or machinery we can also arrange transportation on trailers/flat beds whatever is required.

Our latest sailing schedule for RO RO to Lagos, Maputo, Tema, Walvis Bay, Port Elizabeth and Durban is as below. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding rates and availability. We have RO RO sailings to Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Canada, Africa and South Africa. If we can’t offer you a RORO sailing we can advise you of rate shipping by container.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Vessel: Glovis Sunrise  – AMENDED DATES BELOW –  please be advised vessel has now come forward as below

Receiving dates:  27.07.2015 until 07.08.2015 1600hrs very latest

E.T.S. Sheerness: 10.08.2015

E.T.A  Tema: 24.08.2015

E.T.A. Lagos: 25.08.2015

E.T.A Walvis Bay: 31.08.2015

E.T.A Port Elizabeth 03.09.2015 – **provisional

E.T.A Durban:  05.09.2015


Vessel: Meridian Ace – updated dates below

Receiving dates: TBA

E.T.S Sheerness: 25.08.2015

E.T.A Walvis Bay: 12.09.2015

E.T.A Maputo: 18.09.2015


Receiving dates: TBA

E.T.S Killingholme: 24.08.2015

E.T.A Maputo: 18.09.2015


Vessel: Glovis Cougar  ++ (provisional)

Receiving dates: TBA

E.T.S Sheerness: 01.09.2015

E.T.A Tema: 16.09.2015

E.T.A. Lagos: 17.09.2015

E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 23.09.2015

E.T.A. Durban: 28.09.2015