Shipping Worldwide – general advice

Shipping your personal and household effects and vehicles overseas can be very stressful for shippers. We try to reduce the stressful aspects as much as we can. It is a very straightforward process shipping goods or vehicles worldwide. We are basically moving something from A to B. All we require from you is that you pack and secure your goods so that they arrive at your destination in the condition they left. Double thickness boxes and plenty of bubble wrap are the minimum requirements to ensure goods are well packed.
To ship personal and household goods whether in a dedicated container – full container load or less than container load for smaller volumes – LCL, it is just a matter of good organisation. That’s were we come in, to ensure that all the necessary documents are received, that the goods are well packed and labelled and that we ship your goods without delay.
It is so important that you use good packing materials and double ply thickness boxes which are of a size that can be easily managed. We can provide packers but we have found that many shippers, particularly shipping personal effects, prefer to do their own packing.
When you make a booking you will be advised of the vessel name, when it closes for cargo, when it sails and when it is due to arrive. You will see on the documentation the abbreviations ETS, ETA. This is because there are so many variables affecting shipping times that we quote estimated time of sailing and estimated time of arrival. This is so the shipper understands that there could be factors such as the weather causing delays.
For LCL shipments we can collect from your home address or you may wish to deliver into one of our depots. We have 15 receiving centres throughout the UK. If you wish to deliver into a receiving centre you will receive a standard shipping note which you will hand over when you deliver in. This contains all the necessary details to identify your booking.
For FCL shipments the container is delivered to the address you are loading at on the day and at the time required. You have 3 free hours to load and then any additional time taken is charged an hourly rate on average about £45.00 per hour. Most people will load a 20ft and 40ft within the 3 hours but sometimes people misjudge the volume and find they could have perhaps done with additional help. Once the container is loaded the driver seals it with a unique number and then is delivered to the Port.

The documents required depend on the destination. If you are shipping to the USA or Canada and certain other countries, we will require a copy of the passport photo page of the consignee i.e. the person receiving the goods. This is a mandatory requirement implemented by some governments. You will also need to supply a packing list. This would be a general inventory of goods being shipped. Some countries require a value to be shown for the items being shipped. You can number your boxes and your packing list will be a record of what is in each numbered box. Commercial shippers would have to provide a commercial Invoice as well as a packing list.

Once the vessel sails then a Bill of Lading will be issued. This is the proof of ownership. It has all the details of the shipment and has the consignor, the sender, and the consignee, the receiver, details recorded. It also usually has the contact details of the Line Agent dealing with the cargo. This is who you liaise with regarding payment of destination fees and, if required, haulage to final destination when clearance has been obtained from Customs.
The Line Agent will not provide a Customs clearance service. For that you can either deal with Customs yourself or you can appoint a Customs Broker who will then act on your behalf.
Once customs clearance is obtained you can either arrange to collect the goods or have the Agent arrange delivery to wherever required. You would pay the Agent for that service.

We ship worldwide to most countries with a few exceptions. You will find a blog with a list of all the countries we mainly ship to. If there is a destination not included do please contact us and we will endeavour to provide a rate for you to consider.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice, rates and bookings. We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us on 01773 770050 or email [email protected]